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The Best Offers for Credit Cards & Personal Loans Balance Transfer in KL & PJ

The Best Offers for Credit Cards & Personal Loans Balance Transfer in KL & PJ

Having multiple types of debts and bills that may come in the form of personal loans, credit cards, home loans and more? Feeling burdened by making multiple repayments with different interest rates? Even if you have the ability and means to pay all the loans off, but remembering different loan terms, repayment amounts and interest rates can be confusing.

Hence, simplify your finances into one easy-to-manage monthly loan account by consolidating your credit cards and transferring your outstanding balances with a lower interest rate loan option might work well for you.

As a customer-oriented money lending company in Petaling Jaya - Kuala Lumpur, 96 Speed Loan eliminates your need to keep track of several monthly instalments by allowing you to combine all your debts into a single balance transfer loan account, with only one due date and one interest rate. With our low interest rate scheme, you can even save on the net interest payable and might eventually help in improving your credit score.

Thinking of getting your finances and spending habits back on the right track? Our balance transfer offers could be your answer! Easy online application process in 3 simple steps with quick approval!

Apply today and you can enjoy the real peace of mind by tracking your monthly bills with only one account, one interest rate and one repayment term! Should you need further information to answer any questions you may have, kindly contact us and we ensure that you will get all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

What is a balance transfer/ debt consolidation loan?

A balance tranfer loan (also known as debt consolidation) is a perfect solution to finance all your debts when you have multiple outstanding balances that come from credits cards, home loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, hire purchases or others. To out it simply, it is a loan option, usually in a larger amount, where you can take to pay off all your smaller monthly instalments at once. Eventually, it allows you to manage your loans easier with only one bill to take care of.

Balance transfer normally work best when you have high-interest rate debts or debts with different repayment terms. At 96 Speed Loan, we provide you with multiple kinds of personalised loan offers to consolidate your debts with fast approval. These including personal loans, credit cards, house loans, car loans and many more.

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